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Wednesday, 3 May 2017

A Quick Update of THE BOOK!

                                          I am now at the pointy end of the book.

All edits have been done and a couple of last minute changes done. It wasn't good to say she had nine children, when she had 10. I also added two more photos, my editor does like me.

Today I went and has some professional photos taken, as I will need one on the back of the book. It was so not me to have full make-up on, I usually do lipstick and eye-shadow. I saw some of them on the camera and am thrilled. Rachel did an amazing job and once I have her website details they will be on both my blog and my  website. Knowing her as a friend made the session fun and when her 2year old wandered in and gave me a cuddle, it was lovely.

I have designed the cover, added a blurb and the ISBN and once I select a photo it will be done.

I have decided not to use Lulu, even though it now means that I will have to purchase the books and send them out, the price Lulu wanted wasn't what I thought people would pay. I have gone with a printer in Goulburn and his price is very good. Once he has the full book, he will do a proof copy for me to check and then he will print them. I think a trip to Goulburn is in my future, with a couple of stops in places like Mittagong and Berrima.

I'm planning a second book, this time on the Galbraith side but as I have an assignment to do and then the last three subjects in my Diploma, with will have to wait.

Bye for now,

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