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A Family Tree researcher for over 30 years and a blogger since 2010, I love to share what I find. This blog has opened up a new way to contact and keep in-touch with both family and friends. It mightn't always be genealogy related and you might not agree with my point of view but I want you to comment, ask questions and look upon this blog as 'friends having a chat'.

Tuesday, 28 February 2017

Trove Tuesday: Communication.

We take communication so much for granted, now days, phones that fit in our pockets, no more waiting to call long distance, after 6.00pm, because it was cheaper. Photos taken and sent to loved ones, instantly. Paul and I have just spent 90 minuets on Skype, chatting to our family. Years ago it would have been a very quick call and letters.

This got me thinking about communications. I found an article about the first phone call to the South Pole, 70 years ago this month.
Chronicle (Adelaide, SA  1895 - 1954), Thursday 20 February 1947, page 5

Bye for now,

Monday, 27 February 2017

A Weekend of Not Much!

I had a lazy weekend, with there being rain on both days, it was just what I needed to do some research. I did plant both cauliflowers and broccoli on Saturday, along with a gardenia.
Called Magnificent, it has large perfumed flowers. 

So which is which? Left, cauliflower, right, broccoli.

The vegie patch, with a self-seeded tomato.
The lovely rain, we have had, will give them a good start.
Then it was Research Time!
I've made the decision to publish my book, this year and am finishing of my research. I browsed The Dictionary of Sydney, website and found it fantastic.
 The home page has 12 different buttons, under the Browse section. They cover such things as people, maps, artefacts, buildings and the red button is A-Z. If you don't know what it might be under, you use the red button.  I found what I was looking for, easily and then I 'played' for a while. Did you know that you can see the map of the ferry routes, for 1908? Not much has changed, there.

My next website I searched was The City of Sydney. www.cityofsydney.nsw.gov.au   While it is the Council's main site, there is a wonderful section called Learn and under that there is five different subheadings. I was searching for old street maps but was easily distracted by all manner of information, both old and new. Even if you aren't researching family history, have a look for information about your area. They also have the Sands Directories online, for free. While you can't search them, you are able to see each page and it is easy to workout which section you need. It was fun to spend a couple of hours, tracing my great-great-grandfather, through them.

How did you spend your weekend?

Bye for now,

Thursday, 23 February 2017

Goodies from RootsTech.

My collection of goodies started on the Monday before RootsTech started, with a gift of a CD,
 containing a Webinar on Dropbox. Dropbox isn't something I've used, so I'm looking forward to 'playing' with it. Presented by Thomas MacEntee, I know it will be good.


Then there were business cards, ( I ended up with a bundle) and the start of the ribbon collection.

Blogger beads were also received, on Monday and by the time RootsTech got underway on the Wednesday, I had 11 ribbons, to hang from my name tag.

I ended up with 38 and during RootsTech I split them into three, so I wouldn't trip!

Badges were also collected.
My RootsTech bag and Syllabus, were part of my goodies. I've now marked what topics I did and what I want to follow up on.

These were freebies. The magnets have a pop-out centre, where you can put a photo. The pens are the ones with the soft tip, so you can use them on iPads.

After doing Devon's class I purchased her book. I'm reading it now and it is really re-enforcing what she taught in class.

Christine Woodcock gave a wonderful talk on Scottish resources and I picked up her two books. Very useful.
I ended up with two t-shirts, of different sizes. One at the Innovator Summit presentation and one at the Welcome Party.

                                         A parting gift from the My Heritage After Party a very useful neck pillow.
The party also had beads, photos and a wrist band. One lot of photos and the glasses were from the Welcome Party. 

 So ends my RootsTech posts.
Bye for now,


Monday, 20 February 2017

A Useful Book

Before I went to Salt Lake City, I indulged myself and purchased this book. I had read several reviews about it had even flicked through it before I made my decision. At $35, it is excellent value and well worth the investment, for serious researchers or even for those wanting to explore cemeteries, for fun.

Wonderfully illustrated with both the colour modern photos and photos from the past, it delights the eye.

Divided into nine different areas, covering Greater Sydney, as far west as the Hawkesbury, it lists both old and new cemeteries, not just the big ones like Rookwood or Waverley. A map is given at the start of each section and each cemetery has the full address, a date range for burials, notable burials,  more information, some also have tips, like where to park. Lisa also does a 'Top 5', for things like Seraphs and Angels,  Floral Displays, to name just two. I first just flicked through and read those only, then went back and read up on the cemeteries I was interested in.

Published in 2016 by NewSouth Publishing, University of New South Wales.  The Society of Australian Genealogists, Dymocks, QBD and Kinokuniya have it listed in their catalogues.

Saturday, 18 February 2017


I arrived home Thursday morning, after the looooooong flight. It was smoother than the flight over and made sleeping easier. It was wonderful to see my darling husband and get a cuddle. We had breakfast out and then our youngest daughter and family came for lunch. Lots of lovely cuddles with Hannah.

Things are getting back to 'normal' now and I've managed to get two good nights sleep. I've even added the new family details, I found about Samuel to the tree.

I'll blog more, later.
Bye for now,

Tuesday, 14 February 2017

Trove Tuesday; Valentines Day.

I thought I would see what else happened on 14 February, other than the giving of flowers, chocolates and cards. I discover this gem and learnt something as well. I hadn't realised that Captain Cook had been killed on this date.

Ballarat Star (Vic_  1865 - 1924), Monday 14 February 1910, page 4
Happy Valentines Day,

Monday, 13 February 2017

The People You Meet.

Last year I was a newbie at RootsTech. While I meet new people and have kept in touch with many, via Facebook, it is hard to know what it will be like when you meet up again.  Well by the amount of hugs and kisses I got, it was like we had seen each other frequently. Conversations ranged from family, to genealogy, book, travel and everything in between.

Below are photos of new friends and old. I have realised, again, what a wonderful family genealogy and blogging is. You have friends everywhere! 

Thanks everyone for a wonderful RootsTech. Tell we meet again, take care.
                                                               Bye, Lilian.

Saturday at RootsTech.

I started Saturday with a quick walk around Temple Square. I wasn't going to take photos as I was here, last year, then I went, 'yeah but there was snow last year and there isn't now! Go take photos!'
So I did.
Last year this are was covered in snow and you couldn't tell was under it. Well while the plants are snow free, they have a while to go before Spring.
The contrast is beautiful, from last year.
This tree, last year looked like a Christmas tree, full of snow.
                                                   It is a beautiful shape.
                                          The pansies are struggling and bulbs have started to push through the soil.

I used the tree, covered in snow, as my banner photo, for a while. Looks a bit different, now.
I did find a patch of snow, hidden from the sun and I left my mark.
Then into the Conference Centre.
While I don't think the crowd, on Saturday, was a big as last year, these photos show what it was like/

I did two sessions, today.  The first was on Irish Research; Using Online Resources. While it was good, there seems to be an overlap, with these talks and it covered similar ground to another, that was on at the same time. It did confirm that I am using what is around!.
After a hot chocolate, at Starbucks, with Carole Steers, we both went back for a final session.
 I did Genealogy; A Qualified Profession?  More an open forum, it was good and we all agreed that there needs to be either a set of standards or a body that recognises the qualifications we have worked hard to obtain. Bruce is thinking long term, for those just starting out now.
Well RootsTech is over for 2017. I won't make 2018 as Congress, in Sydney is in March, but there is always 2019!
Bye for now,


Saturday, 11 February 2017

Friday at RootsTech.

While my family, back home are having a heatwave, the weather in Salt Lake City has turned, cool, wet and windy. Just the day to spend inside, listening to various talks.

I was shown a short-cut into the Convention Centre, this morning and I'm not outside for long. This will be good tomorrow, with it going to be cold. Might have to find my scarf!

These three photos show the vendor hall, from upstairs, when it is empty. Tomorrow I'll take one when it has people in it.  The is a good range of vendors and I've spent time talking to different ones.

Before the first session started we had the Australian Contingent photo. There were a couple missing.
It's good to see so many Aussies here.

My first session was on Writing an Effective Research Plan. While I do write plans and try and follow them, it was good to get a different perspective.
I then dashed upstairs, well rode the escalator, to Level 3 and my Find My Past sponsors lunch. Very swish with table cloths, cutlery, etc. and table service.
After that I went and caught-up with friends, chatted to new ones and browsed.
A quick trip back to the hotel, to get my umbrella, as I knew I would need it after my last session.
My last session was with Devon Noel Lee and her husband Andy. It was on writing you family story and how to get started. Some of the things I'd thought of but others I hadn't.
I purchased her book, A Recipe for Writing Family History.  Something to read on the plane. It is also available through Amazon.
Devon and I after the session.
Another quick trip to the hotel, to change, then dinner with Carole Speers before she went to the library and I went to My Heritage After-Party.  Lots of fun.
Here is Roger Moffat with his ribbons, all 47 of them. I have 37 and have split them into four drops, as I didn't want to trip. Going to try and get 40 before tomorrow ends!

It is 10.45pm, the wind is howling  and the rain is tumbling down, think I might go to bed.